The App

You’ve just woken up after your third nightshift, only two more left before a block off and that well deserved vacation. Maybe your spouse asks you what sights you want to see, maybe you’re travelling alone and feel like getting a heads up on the best places to eat. Coffee in hand you login to Tripadvisor and start checking out what’s hot, and what’s not.

Never one to waste your money, or your time, you check out the reviews and pictures before committing to anything. Gross, that hotel makes Depot’s old B-block seem sanitary. Wow, someone found a hidden gem you never would have known about. Maybe you ask a few questions of travellers who have gone before you.

We spend hours researching before going on a one-week vacation; why don't we have the option of doing the same for the next three to five years of our career?

We didn’t know why not either, so we decided to make this app.


  • • Browse and filter detachments across the country based on reviews and attributes selected by users
  • • View user-submitted photographs of detachments, force housing, and communities you are interested in
  • • Candidly review your previous postings in a secure environment and share your experiences for the next generation, using an alias or your real name
  • • Select all your previous postings at sign-up and answer questions, if you want to, from those who follow in your footsteps
  • • Browse questions and answers about detachments which were asked by others

Let’s face it, at least this way you know what you’re missing out on when staffing tell you Fort McMurray is probably a better fit. Our goal is to help members decide where to go, or in the case you’ve been voluntold, what you’ve gotten yourself in to.