What’s the point of this website?

We want the app to be as useful as possible and give anyone (verified RCMP members of course) the opportunity to leave reviews for detachments with or without getting the app. Reviews inputted on the website are added to the app. Names are anonymous unless changed by the reviewer. We hope that this way we can keep a database of useful information for our members.

Do we have to pay for this?

For the cost of two coffees at Tim’s, or maybe one Starbucks for those plain clothes guys, you’re sponsoring further development of the App. To launch this app costs over $20k out of pocket, then there are ongoing hosting fees etc. Trust me, we don’t expect to get rich; however, we would like to recoup our costs and continue to build on this app to make it the best experience possible.

What platforms are supported by the app?

Buffalo Tracks is available on iOS and the Google Play Store, unfortunately we missed the window for Blackberry World (lets all be thankful for that).

What about our spouses or retired members?

In order to make Buffalo Tracks as useful as possible, we’ve decided to make it a closed system to actively serving members. You’re free to share access with your spouse; however, we are not currently considering expanding account creation to other groups.

Why use the app? Why wouldn’t I call the detachment or use Facebook?

We’d recommend you continue to reach out to colleagues at detachments when you can, it’s great to get a real person on the phone. Buffalo Tracks is designed to let members speak freely and openly about the status of our postings, in a way that maybe encourages some change where it is warranted. The ability to ask specific questions about a detachment which are sent out to any members who have previously served there, and see questions others have asked, is something we think will make your search for your next home a lot easier than waiting for responses on Facebook.

You’re letting people rate detachment morale? That’s a bit subjective isn’t it? People are temporary, places are permanent.

It is, which is why the overall rating only uses morale scores submitted within the past six months for their calculations. We believe members want to know as much as possible about a potential posting, and the morale of a detachment is an important part of that decision. We’ve tried to find a balance between sharing the current status of a detachment’s work environment and recognizing the shifting nature of our personnel.

What about plain clothes sections? There is a big difference between a detachment and the units within it.

We know, and we’re looking at expanding our review selections to include units in the future. The exact placement of various units at detachments could be considered an officer safety concern however, so we are still considering how to safely implement this option.

Aren’t you worried about management? Is this app sanctioned by the brass? Be careful guys!

Don’t worry, we’ve taken the proper steps to ensure everything we do is above board. This app was created using publicly available information only. Believe it or not, the response we received from management was largely positive. Helping members find great new posts they would have otherwise overlooked helps everyone.

Is this really secure? Won’t my review end up on CBC?

We’ve made privacy and security our priority. Reviews can be posted under your real name or an alias, it’s up to you. Accounts made on the app are verified through a combination of verification email and HRMIS/Regimental Number confirmation. Of course, no system is entirely secure which is why we expect our users to comply with our terms of service and acceptable use policy. At the end of the day, we believe our closed system is a lot safer than the Facebook group being used for similar posts right now.

What if a supervisor takes issue with a review and wants to know who wrote it?

Given our terms of service and acceptable use policy, we don’t foresee this being an issue. That said, once you’ve been verified the information used to verify your account (HRMIS/Regimental Number/work email address) isn’t stored further. This means that even if someone wanted to serve us documents to identify the author of a review, at best all we would have is a personal email address. Of course, we would only ever disclose information in accordance with applicable privacy legislation.

How are you addressing officer safety and/or inappropriate posts?

Our acceptable use policy is specific as to what is, and what is not, allowed. All reviews and photographs can be flagged for review for violation of the community standards. Posts in violation of our policies will be removed and repeat offenders may have their accounts suspended.

I have a suggestion!

Awesome! Send us an email at suggestions@buffalotracks.ca and we’ll get back to you when we can. We want to make this as useful as possible for everyone and we need your help to do it.

I never received my verification email!

The Groupwise gods are fickle. If you’ve checked your spam folder and didn’t receive a verification link please contact us at help@buffalotracks.ca. Please include your full name and the date you created your account.

My detachment is missing! Don’t you care about us?

Whoops! We’re pretty sure we have them all, but if we missed you were totally sorry. Coffee on us for the detachment! Drop us a line at suggestions@buffalotracks.ca and we will get it added ASAP.